About FinDon IT

Our History

FinDon IT was originally founded in 1989 under the name of PineSoft, providing placement management software to Universities throughout the UK. Since the launch of the PineSoft Professional Training Database we have become a major supplier of administrative software to assist university and college Placement Managers maintain comprehensive details of all aspects of the “placement” task, which in these days of QAA and Health and Safety issues is very extensive. More recently, the company has branched out into other areas. To celebrate this expansion, we have rebranded as FinDon IT and now also operate in the areas of web design and development and bespoke programming.

The success of the company has been founded on listening to the needs of our users and constantly improving our applications to match the aspirations of our customers. The comprehensive maintenance package provided to all PineSoft Professional Training Database users ensures prompt knowledgeable support and automatic access to new features as they are developed, whilst the maintenance agreements offered under our new web and software services ensure total peace of mind for our customers.

Our People

Founded by Stuart Donald, who remains one of the company’s three MD's, FinDon IT initially designed bespoke/custom software for customers initially using Psion and Borland products.

In 1995, the company responded to the market demand for software compatible with the tools used in almost all establishments – so the switch to Microsoft Access/Office was made with user-defined flexibility replacing bespoke software and the introduction of a comprehensive support & development policy. The aim was to grow the product by “word of mouth” recommendations from an expanding group of loyal customers.

A PhD and DIC from Imperial College London led to a career as a university lecturer. In his role as Placement Manager the lack of professional tools provided the initial spur for developing the PineSoft Professional Training Database. In 2004 Stuart left his university post to concentrate fully on developing the company.

The Company's second MD is Teresa Donald who takes a leading management role. Teresa studied management at university in London and also has a post graduate diploma in Educational Studies from the university of Dundee.

The Company's third MD is Louise Finlayson. Louise has studied Computing Science at Aberdeen University to a post-graduate level where she graduated with a high distinction and has written and presented many papers on human-computer interaction for conferences as far afield as Montreal and Beijing. With her youth and ability the future of the company is assured.

Louise is taking an increasing role in the PineSoft Professional Training Database development and is the main driving force behind our new web design and web development divisions.

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