Why PineSoft?

How would you rate your present administrative arrangements for procuring, processing and reporting on Student Placements and links with companies?

Do you rely on an inherited manual system, an inadequate contact manager, an old in-house system with no support, or are you expected to put together your own solution?

If you want a 20/20 solution why not join the growing list of PineSoft customers who use the PineSoft Professional Training Database to administer their student, staff, company and placement details with ease.

PineSoft offers a complete software solution to those responsible for arranging student placements to ease any placement headaches!

Key benefits :

  • A unique quality product developed by a Placement Manager
  • Company established since 1989
  • Excellent support with on-site training option
  • Full network capability
  • Meets Funding Council targets for quality administrative support
  • Automate all arrangements, mail-shots and reporting
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Office components with cut & paste import and export
  • Point and click filter option for easy selection of subgroups of records
  • Constantly evolving application with in-built flexibility
  • Cost effective quality solution
  • Fully functional demonstration version available free

The PineSoft Professional Training Database first launched in 1989 using Psion's Archive database and subsequently Borland's Paradox has since 1995 been available as a Full Windows Application using Microsoft's Access Database Engine. (Single-user and Network Versions available.) The application provides a comprehensive software solution for those responsible for arranging Professional Training Placements as well as other staff who wish to maintain details relating to students and external contacts.

Why not join the extensive list of PineSoft Users at universities and other establishments throughout the United Kingdom and transform the efficiency of your placement administration? Independent research has found that PineSoft provides a high quality and cost effective solution with the benefits of comprehensive support and training provision.

PineSoft Application

The PineSoft Professional Training Database is a fully integrated and self contained package designed to provide powerful and flexible support for those responsible for organising Professional Work Experience and/or maintaining links with students and companies.

  • Classed as Excellent in a recent report by Assessors from the Funding Council.
  • Fully relational database model eliminates redundant data and powerful referential integrity rules ensures consistent valid data.
  • Windows interface for ease of use and consistency.
  • User-definable fields facilitate customisation to suit individual requirements.
  • Powerful filter options to enable you to select records matching specified requirements.
  • All new Pop-up forms. While browsing through company records, for example, you may easily display additional information, such as further company contacts, details of current student applications, details of historical student placements, Company Tasks - Short Courses etc.
  • One click record copy or delete options.
  • Over 100 mail-merge and report output options.
  • Create your own customised letters/reports.
  • Export data to Word, Excel etc. and Import data directly into the PineSoft application.
  • Evaluate a fully functional demo version on your own PC.

PineSoft continues to be a first class tool. I don't know what I'd do without it.
I am delighted to be able to have the records of so many students at my fingertips...it certainly makes life easier.
Thanks once again for everything... I can't tell you how useful Pinesoft has been to the running of our office
GENIUS!!!! Just tried it and it worked and I'm so happy now! Sounds silly to get this excited I know, but this is a very useful feature to the software.

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